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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Al & Tom using Open Air to draw a crowd using money and trivia questions

Watch as Al shares with two different young ladies to see if they are GOOD ENOUGH TO GET INTO HEAVEN! The one on the right had already seen AL give this test so she was willing to go through it just to get the $5. The young girl on the left had never heard this so either way the Gospel of Jesus Christ was proclaimed to all who were in range to hear him speak... Praise the Lord for Al being a faithful obedient laborer and having the courage to do it! Each video about 3 minutes.

If you would like to read more about this night go to Al's Blog S.O.W.E.R

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Watch as Tom draws a crowd using trivia questions and giving away money for the correct answer Watch how excited they are about trying to answer the question. The prize is only $1.00 and yet the enthusiasm is contagious. This is a great way to gather a crowd so that when the Gospel message is shared it is heard by a group as opposed to just one. I'm not saying that sharing to one is not important, it's just that it gives the other seed sowers an easier opportunity to share with them.

Watch as Tom continues to offer money to this young man who try's to prove that he is GOOD ENOUGH TO GET INTO HEAVEN!

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AL said...

It was an awesome night! We should have done some filming at Taco Bell afterwards....there was even more witnessing and one 2 one conversations after Mill Ave.