This site is primarily to help others learn how easy it is to share the Gospel. Jesus used the Ten Commandments in Luke 18:18 when the rich ruler asked what he must do to get into Heaven.
Also by using these innovative and acceptable tracts from "The Way of The Master", by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, you get the opportunity to get the Word of God into the hands of the lost.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Saturday night was quiet, as I think most of the students whent home to be with family. It seemd like the parents of the students where out with them as most of those who passed by were in groups of 4 or 5, with what seemed like parents and their teenage children.
After several open air encounters someone in each group wanted a free glow-stick. The first group who took the test, 4 young ladies, ended up leaving before hearing the Good News, except one young lady who was convicted by what she heard. She thanked me for sharing with her as she goes to church but never heard it explaiined this way.

Joe, one of our sowers, asked her how did this message of looking at God's Ten Commandments applied to her effect her?  She almost had tears in her eyes when see stated she was devasted and now understands what it means to REPENT of her sins, and just saying you believe in God wouldn't be enough.

Sad to say the other three groups who stopped also were pulled away, by the parents who were with them. When they heard that their child, children, were "Liars, Thieves, Blaspehmerys, and Adulteries at heart, one parent stated that thier child never would swear, using God's name in vain, that her daughter knew better then to do that. Yet when I comfronted her with that question, asking her to be honest before a Holy God the young girl admitted she had, several times.

It is sad to see the parents drag these kids away from hearing the whole truth. It's sad that all they want to believe is that their kids are good, and yet even the parents are not good as God see's us. This is Satan at his best, deceiving others in this world to think that no matter what they do, the preaching is, that God is love and He would forgive them.
Well this time it was Jacob who was willing to take the test to get a glow-stick for what looked like his girlfriend.

This young man was wearing a black beaded rosary beads around his neck against a bright red shirt. There were 2 younger girls and what appeared to be a mom with them. You should have seen how difficult it was for him in front of his piers, to answer four of the Commandments. He laughed about lying, he put his head down about stealing, stated how everybody swears, but when asked about lust and what Jesus said it was the same as adultery, he started to blush, with head down and  said it was hard not to.

He admitted to being guilty, but when I asked where would God have to send him, Heaven or Hell, both he and, (I'll call her mom) stated at the same time Heaven! I asked how could hat be? They both said, "because God is a loving God". That's when I try to explain about breaking man's Law, what would a just Judge do and again mom says, Heh! we have to go, and they all left. 

A little while latter Joe offered to buy me an ice cream at Sparky's which is right next to where we do our open air. Jacob and his family were inside and that's when I called his name out and told him to watch the silver napkin holder where I make a coin having the Ten Commandments on them appear. He was amazed and so was his girlfriend. She asked if I could get her one, and I did. That's when I explained about the 2nd Commandment about not having any Idols.

At this point he picked up the cross hanging on his neck and kissed it. Telling me how much he loved God. Again I asked him to read the 2nd Commandment as we are not to have any Idols. That's when I asked what did the black beads mean that were all around his neck.
Do they represent Mary, that you pray her prayer 10 times, then 1 Our Father, and then again 10 times the Hail Mary? He then asked how did I know that, and I told him I used to do the same thing,  as I was raised Catholic and believed like him and that's  what we are supposed to do.

I then asked him if he heard that Mary was crying her eyes out in Heaven because everyone was praying to her instead of her One and only Begotten Son Jesus the Christ. I gave him some more tracks and asked if he would read them as it may help him understand.

Now comes the amazing part , Brandt was doing an open air when Jason came by again. As he listened to what Brandt was saying, I noticed he was not wearing the black rosary beads anymore. I can only surmise that the Lord had opened his eyes and he understood the truth.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Prayers for Junior after hearing the whole truth!

Last Saturday night was quiet.  One of the several times I was offering a glo-stick for a prize to those who pass by, who could answer the question, "what was the original color of Coca Cola"?  A man named Junior, who was with 2 young girls shouted out, "CLEAR". I thanked them for taking the time to answer but stated I'm sorry that's the wrong answer. I then encouraged them to continue to guess as I told them that there was no limit on how many guesses they could have.  With that the girls started to shout our more colors. The youngest one shouted out, "GREEN". That's when I told her she had the correct answer and come and get her prize. 

Seeing that they were young, the one who answered correctly was about 10 and the other who was her sister was about 13, I asked the man who was with them if he was their father, he said no that he was their uncle. 

That's when I asked if he would come to me and help with getting the prize for his nieces as I thought they were to young to answer the next question. He did and I proceeded to walk him through the GOOD PERSON test. 

He was very direct with his answers and didn't try to justify or minimize his sins as most people who take the test do.  After each question about lying, stealing, Blasphemy, and lust in his heart, he would look at his niece's and then his head would bow down, as he said ,"YES" 

When I asked if he would be innocent or guilty in reference to breaking God's Laws he immediately answered guilty! When I asked him where would God have to send him, Heaven or Hell, he put his head down and pointed to the ground. 

Amazing how most who take this test have a difficult time using the word, "HELL." As I said he was very direct with his answers and when I asked if that concerned him, he stated, "YES".  I then asked if he knew what God did for him so that he wouldn't have to go to Hell? He now raised he head and looked at me and stated, " He died on the cross".   

That's when I ask who the he is, is it  "Mohamed who died on the cross? " That's when he said no, Jesus. I then asked so based on what you just said all mankind is going to Heaven? Now with a twisted look on his face he said, "NO", that wouldn't make  sense. That's when I asked what did he need to do now?  

He shrugged his shoulders and said no. That's when I mentioned REPENT, that it was Jesus Himself who said in Luke 3: 3,5 that unless you repent you will surely perish! I explained that it meant to having remorse, regret, a Godly sorrow for causing Jesus to go to cross.  He stated he hadn't done that hearing that way made him feel guilty about what he had done. I asked if he would like to do that now and again he starred at his niece's and stated that he wasn't ready yet, but would think about what I said. He then put his hand out to thank me for getting him involved in the conversation.

I told him I would pray for him to ask the Lord tonight before he goes to sleep that he would ask for the Lord to reveal himself to him and to act on what he hears.  As he was leaving he took another tract that we hand out, "Are You Good Enough To Go To Heaven?"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday Night on Mill Ave in Tempe 11/27/11

WOW! Tonight we had in one place more of those who are concerned about saving the lost then we have had for a while. It must have been a blessing to the Lord as we all gathered in a circle and prayed that our message would go forth to the lost of this town and beyond. 
Those who showed up were, Edwin, Anna and their baby in a stroller, Rob Roy and Tammie, Phil and Jessica, Tim, Katlyn, Sean and Mia, Cole, Leigh, Alan, Al, Marcus and Alex.  After praying we split up to cover several corners so that we could be more effective reaching out to the crowds.

Offering the free glo-sticks still seems to be effective, as I was able to do several open-airs to those who stopped by to receive one.

Above is the banner I hang up at the Post Office to draw their attention

One that comes to mind was 3 young sisters. I asked how old the one was and she said 16.  All 3 professed to being, a "Good Person". I noticed that they were with a mature couple but the couple continued walking to the corner as the children came back to were I was. As I asked the questions that Jesus used to the rich young ruler in Luke 18:18, a few of God's Ten Commandants. We need to be careful not to share with the lost a man centered message that makes people feel good about themselves. instead we need to use the Words that Jesus Himself used to help others understand what being GOOD is. 

After asking a few of the questions, I turned my attention to that corner and shouted out, "are you their father?"  He nodded yes, and that's when I stated that he should be here with his daughters, as it wasn't right for them to be talking to a perfect stranger without him watching over them. He just stood there turning his head from side to side.
Well now the 3 of them admitted to lying, stealing, and taking God' name in vain. I asked how would God find them, innocent or guilty, because of that behavior, and they stated; guilty. Then came the tough question; "Where would God have to send them if that were true?"  Now their chins fell into their chests and without a word they pointed towards the ground. I can't tell you many times that has happened, as those who have heard about Hell have a very difficult time saying it.
At that point I noticed Dad right next to them, as I know he could hear me from where he was standing, as the sound from the microphone I use is loud.  This is when he tried to protect them, as he grabbed the arm of one, and said let's go.

That's when I stated that this is what he and his daughters need to hear and they should not leave. (Can  you believe it they stayed)  I now asked the important queston; "Does that concern them that they may be headed for Hell? "
I was grateful that they said, "YES" as now I knew that they understood. That's when I shared with them what Jesus did for them, as well as for the rest of us who can't pass the Good Person test.

Once we understand and admit that we rightly deserve Hell and that Jesus' death on the cross is the only payment acceptable to God for our sins. He took the punishment for our sins by shedding His blood, dying a horrible death on that cross, then three days later He rose defeating death. Now if we REPENT, turn from our sins, having a Godly sorrow, remorse, regret, then place our faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone. (Luke 3:3)  Our dirty slate will have been wiped clean, remembered no more. It's not what we do but what He has already done for us. (Eph 2:8-9) IT'S FINISHED!

So I give thanks to the Lord on High who allowed that message to be heard by that family who was just passing by and stopped to get a glo-stick, as well as to all those who may have heard it on the corner of 5th & Mill Ave n Tempe AZ.