This site is primarily to help others learn how easy it is to share the Gospel. Jesus used the Ten Commandments in Luke 18:18 when the rich ruler asked what he must do to get into Heaven.
Also by using these innovative and acceptable tracts from "The Way of The Master", by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, you get the opportunity to get the Word of God into the hands of the lost.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1st WOTM Crash Course Jan 2010

This was the first teaching on how to share the Good News of eternal salvation with anyone.

I thought I'd have you read what someone sent me on what she got out of coming to this training.

I pray that you see from what she says that anyone who claims Christ as Lord can speak to strangers, not as most of you think that you have to have a special gift, which you convince yourself you don't.

But with this training you can become,
" A Nobody who can share with Anybody about Somebody who can save Anybody"

Here are (2)comments from one who came twice, her first one was in Oct 09.
Tom, when I first heard about The Way of the Master Method I was a little
hesitant because I tend to be very reserved, especially to people I don't
know. As I've grown with the Lord, He has given me compassion for people
that I've never had before. My problem was that I couldn't find the "right"
time and that I was too fearful of what they might say/think of me.

As I watched the video’s it really struck me how many people thought they
were going to heaven just because they believe they're a good person. So
many people are deceived and NEED the truth told to them. I realized that I
can't ultimately change these lost souls, but I need to do my part as a
Christian to spread the love of Jesus Christ. This series has made me more
knowledgeable in how to teach others about The 10 Commandments
and how God is not only a God of love, but a God of justice. We all need to
ask our Heavenly Father for forgiveness of our sins and make Him our guide
in everything we do.

These tracts are perfect icebreakers that really enforce individuals to think
about the ultimate question: Am I good enough to go to Heaven? After
watching Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, and you talk to random people on the
street I could see how they were really pondering their status with God and
very thankful for taking the time to reach out to them. That would be so
awesome if I could also be that person to lead someone to Jesus. TWOTM
has changed my life in recognizing the value of people’s salvation and giving
me the confidence to lead them to ultimate fulfillment.
Thank you for all that you do in glorifying our Lord.

Sincerely, Christa

Here is her 2nd comment

I want to say thanks again for everything you've done. It was such a learning experience for me. I will never forget my first time out there. I will for sure do it again...Have a blessed week,

You notice that this time she came with us after the seminar to Tempe.

My understanding on what I mostly hear preached, is that we are to share with our family , friends and co-workers. Jesus didn't just talk to that group, if He did then only a select group would have been saved.

So how many times can we tell those people why they need to have Jesus? It won't make sense to those who think they have done nothing wrong. (1st Cor. 1:18) Just because their life is not going like they would like it, you know having a great job, making more money, better relationships, a happier marriage, if they just accept Jesus He will fix all of that. This is the NOT why He came. Read Mat 9:13, Mark 2:17, Luke 5:32, to understand why from His own words. He didn't come to go through such an agonizing death just so you could have a better life! He came because of our sinfulness. If we're not being faithful servants and warning others about the horrible consequence of sin,(Romans 6:23) then we are spreading a different Gospel.

In Luke 18:18 Jesus gave us a way to show those who claim to be righteous, how they need to humble themselves and acknowledge that have violated God's Law. When they understand this fact, they can understand why they need to repent and place their trust in Jesus Christ alone!

This teaching from Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron, "The Way of the Master", helps us do just that. Some of you know that it starts out by asking everyone if they consider themselves to be a "good person". Proverbs 20:6, states, most will. Then after asking permission if they would like to test it to see if it's true, we then can ask them some of the Ten Commandments, (most Christians I've meet don't know them, do you?) and if they have ever broken any of them, just like Jesus did to the rich young ruler in Luke 18:18. (Aren't we supposed to be following Jesus, so wouldn't you think, saying what He said would be pleasing to him ?)

This teaching will encourage you, convict you, and by the Holy Spirit transform you into a laborer for the Lord, just like His prayer in Luke 10:2. Here is a quote from Charles Spurgeon , "I do not believe that any man can preach the gospel who does not preach Law. The Law is the needle, and you cannot draw the silken tread of the gospel through a man's heart until you first send the Law to make way for it."

My prayer is that when this teaching is being held again that you prayerfully ask yourself why you wouldn't want to be one of His, to do what the Lord asks of you, as we are all His children and if we say we love Him then He tells us what He expects from us in John 14:21, Mark 16:15, as well as in Acts 1:8.

Monday, January 11, 2010

God's Saturday Blessing at Pat's Pizza

I want to make this perfectly clear that this story is NOT about me but about how anyone of us who claims Christ as Lord can experience the same kind of interaction. (Proverbs 11:30)

I met with my good friend Blace at Pat's Pizza, where God allowed me to show him exactly how to open a conversation with perfect strangers. We were discussing how the Lord expects us to share what we have recieved with others who may be lost. (Mark 16:15, Acts 1:8, Acts 10:42) He then commented on the verse in (Eze 3:18-19), that those who we do not warn, their blood will be on our hands, but if we warn them and they don't listen then are hands are clean. I agreed with him and just as we were ready to leave I asked him did he know of anyone who would try to share with the two ladies sitting on the other side of the restaurant. He sheepishly responded that he didn't, and probably wouldn't do it either.

Just then, several teenage boys came in followed by several other teens. Now the line went from the ordering counter back to the entrance, probabbly 15 to 20 teens. As I stood up to leave, I noticed that one was smiling and asked if he wanted to see something funny and then took the Ten Commandment coin out of Blace's ear. The young man was amazed and I did it again to another teen. Now they wanted to know how to do it. Now standing, as most of them were now seated, I mentioned that it was an illusion and asked them if they would like to see another one. I took out the pink & blue illusion cards, which are the same size and asked them which color looks bigger to them. Now about ten of them were watching and stating, Pink, Blue, Pink, as I moved the cards from left to right, stating how can that be when I've shown you that they are the same size?

This gave me the opportunity to ask them about the Ten Commandments and as I started asking the first question using the ninth commandment, have you ever told a lie, one young man admitted it with a big grin. I focused on him when I asked the next three commandments, the 8th, 3rd and 7th, I asked base on just those four which he admitted to breaking he stated he was guilty. I asked where God would have to send him and he stated that he would be guilty in front of a Holy God. I then I asked where would God have to send him, Heaven or Hell, he stated HELL! I asked if this concerned him, and he thought for a while and then he arrogantly, said NO! I then asked if he knew what Hell was like and he replied no. I then explained to him what Jesus said it was like. Your thirst never quenched, (Arizona 126 degrees, Hell 1, 226 degrees), constant gnashing of teeth, and where worms never die, being eaten alive for eternity! His attitude changed when I now asked him if it concerned him, and he said YES! I then asked if he knew what God had done so that he wouldn't have to go to Hell, and after a long pause he said no, and the other teen sitting with him said, we've been forgiven? I then asked does that mean that all of us are going to be in Heaven, LIARS, THIEVES, FORNICATORS, and he responded with a no.

Now everyone in the restaurant was listening so I gave the example of being guilty in front of a judge and telling the judge I was sorry please forgive me so that the judge would let me go, and they all agreed that a good judge would not do that. I could see the one young man on my right looking a lot more serious than before. I then explained what God had done for us. He sent His only Begotten Son to die on the cross to pay the price for the sins that I had committed. It's like being guilty, standing in front of that judge, now if someone was willing to pay the fine, or do the time, take the punishment for what I've done, then the judge can let me go. That's what Jesus did for those of us who know that they are guilty of breaking God's Law and deserve Hell. Jesus took the horrible punishment that I deserved, the beating, mocking and being crucified as the perfect sacrifice so that if I REPENT, have remorse, regret, for what I've caused Him to have to go through, and now place my trust in Jesus Christ alone, then my sins will be forgiven, past, present , future.

I then passed out at least 20 more million dollar bills to everyone in the restaurant and thanked them for listening to me and that they needed to read the back of it because it has the most important question and answer..."Are you good enough to get into Heaven!" Why use the Law, the Bible tells us so? (1Timothy 1:8-11)

Now comes the most amazing part as the Pastor was still there with me as I thought he had left. Outside he put his arms around me and stated, "That was awesome!" I thanked him and then said, " This, you can do as well!" (Mark 16:15, Acts 1:8)

We need to be praying for these teens and others as it seems that they haven't a clue about what it means to be adopted into the Kingdom and to , "Repent and Born Again".

Monday, January 4, 2010

Joe Charles Mens Breakfast Meeting

Thanks for all you prayers and support. I was blessed to have Al Gordon & Dale Chase with me to help engage with these men after the breakfast.

With the five minutes I was given I emphasized why those who claim Jesus the Christ as Lord are commanded to share with the lost, not just friends and family as is the more acceptable tradition. In Acts 10:42,Paul stated ”And he commanded us to preach unto the people, and to testify that it is he which was ordained of God to be the Judge of quick and dead.” (John 14:21, Mark 16:15, Acts 1:8) (Know any pew sitters?)

One of the comments I shared with these men was what the Lord had given me early one morning. JFK’s famous quote,

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country!”
What we should be asking is, “Ask not what Jesus can do for you, but what you can do for Jesus!”

I then mentioned to these men what seems to be really difficult is to start a conversation with a perfect stranger, or maybe you don’t really care what happens to that stranger, it’s not your job, or maybe someone will become his friend who goes to a church and then that pastor can save him. If this was them then they should read(2nd Cor 13:5)

If you really appreciated what our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ did for you on that cross, you would be out shouting in the streets, so that everyone knew what an unbelievable gift you had received.

To quote Charles Spurgeon:
“We must school and train ourselves to deal personally with the unconverted.
We must not excuse ourselves, but force ourselves to the irksome task until it becomes easy."

So it looks like Training & Practice make it easy. The most common objections I hear for not sharing is that, I’m a quiet person, I don't like to speak with other people, I’ve been told to wait for God to tell me when to speak to someone, the final one is, I don't feel comfortable speaking to a perfect stranger about my faith as they could ask me a question that I don’t know. (So why not be honest and say you don’t know and then find out!)

Remember, He calls whom He equips, not those who are equipped.

To many of us say we follow Jesus but only if He is our co-pilot!
I asked some of the pastors if this concept of reaching the lost could be taught at their place. The response was almost the same. They had their own way and they didn’t think that scattering tracts was of much use because you wouldn’t be able to come along side a person or bring them into the Church where his teaching would save them. They said they were only interested in bringing someone into their church, so that through their message they could make them a Christian. Once that happened, then that person could go out and bring in another person, and so on.

I was told that it was a waste of time to just hand out tracts and speak to strangers who I may never see again. So to teach it to those who come to their worship would not be productive. These people need to have a close relationship with the person sharing. But they were thankful that God had given me the gift to evangelize to those people, but they were satisfied that what they were doing was what God had in mind for them to do. I even had one claim he would speak only to those God told him to speak to and he repeated that comment several times, so that I wouldn’t ask him if he would like to learn how to share with everyone.

Then Al commented about a pastor (with the cross around his neck) who was so against everything we tried to say really bothered him. Not the man himself, but that reaction from a pastor. I let him off easy and just moved on to talk to others, but maybe we should be a little more aggressive towards a pastor. They will be judged more harshly, according to Scripture. He’s either deceived or a deceiver and it doesn’t really matter which one. They seem to think that they are making the conversion; they’re building their church, puffing themselves up. I should have asked him, “What caused Satan’s fall?” Selfish pride caused it, and the Bible tells us that pride comes before a fall. If one thinks that scattering Gospel seed is useless, that man obviously thinks that he has the secret to bringing people to salvation, through his own works. God’s Word does not return void, and who are these mere mortals to speak of God’s Word with such derision in their voice? Anyway, there were people who were open to the idea, excited by the tracts, and a few of them even asked for extra tracts to give to friends and family. Al then mentioned how he liked what the guy who’d been in prison said. He said, “There was going to be a change this year, and people weren’t going to like it. No more sitting around being nice, we are to get out there and tell the Truth, whether anyone likes it or not.

Now the good news! Well a few men came to me and admitted that they did not speak to others about what God had done for them because they were shy and mostly kept to themselves. These were humble men, not using the excuse that almost all Christians use so then can justify their neglect and lack of love for what Christ has done for them. They knew they should share but were uncomfortable to even try. When I asked them could they ask a perfect stranger, “did you get your first Million yet,” they said yes they could, so I encouraged them to sign up for the Crash Course and watch the Lord perform a miracle.

Some asked if we had any extra Million Dollar bills, so that they could hand out some as well. I was encouraged by the woman who was serving us the food, as this was for men only. I gave her one for serving such a delicious breakfast and then asked her the Million Dollar question, “Are you GOOD enough to get to Heaven” She said yes and then I read the back of the bill with her and then she understood that she wasn’t and said, “WOW, this is awesome, I like how easy this is to explain. I’m a Christian do you have any extra as I would love to give them to some people I know.” I then gave her a bunch and then explained that if she would come to this Crash Course I would show her how she could not only give it to her friends but everyone she comes in contact with, if that were true how much more effective as a Christian do you think you would be? (You should have seen the look on her face, like a light bulb just turned on)

Well it’s a good thing that our Lord and Savior wasn’t like this. Can you imagine what He was thinking when He went with His disciples to Gethsemane and was praying, sweating blood, because He knew what He was going to go through the next day? Judas would betray Him, His disciples would abandon Him, falsely accused in a mock trial, He would be beaten, punched in the face, whipped, spit on mocked, striped of His clothes then, rejected by His own people, sentenced to a horrendous death by carrying a heavy wooden cross, wearing a crown of thorns and then be nailed to it and hang there for about three hours all the while taking on the sins of the world. This part had to be the most painful punishment as this Man Jesus who was God in human form never knowing sin now taking on the sins of the world to satisfy the only sacrifice acceptable to our Heavenly Father. Then came the worst and most agonizing torture of all…when he stated, “Father why has thou forsaken me.” Here we see Jesus all alone as our Father in Heaven turned away from the only Begotten Son. Jesus was looking for a plan "B" but did the will of the Father, can't we!(Mat 26:29, Luke 22:24, Mark 14:36)

So couldn’t we overcome our fear by placing our trust in Him, (Phil 4:13) and share with everyone with meet, not just friends and family?

Of course those of us who have been chosen and are adopted into the Kingdom understand that this was God’s plan of redemption for mankind and His death brought us life as He was raised from the dead three days later.

We now know we have the gift of eternal life because of what happened then, and those of us who place our trust in what He did that day and repent from our own selfish desires will spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

How then can anyone who claims Him as Lord not have the desire to do as He commanded to GO into the ALL the world and proclaim the Gospel to ALL creation (Mark 16:15)

Well the final blessing was when Al brought a man to me who asked if I would like to use his Tour Bus as a place to have my Crash Course. He explained that the bus takes them out for about 4 hours, each seat has it’s own TV monitor. They can be driven to a place like Prescott and while they are confined in the bus (can’t leave, ha, ha) they can be trained on how to reach the lost and then when in Prescott practice handing out and sharing with those we meet there. I asked how much would it cost and he replied that the Lord would provide! WOW, to say the least I was in shock!

I pray that those of you have not been able to communicate this message that our Lord suffered so much for to come to this Crash Course.

Remember what Spurgeon stated earlier well he also stated that:

If you’re not seeking to save the lost then you’re not saved yourself,
you can be sure of that!

And of course we must honor our Lord when He prayed in Luke 10:2
And He was saying to them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.

So if you’re still struggling with reaching out to others, need some practice, I pray you come to the next Crash Course.
(no more excuses!)