This site is primarily to help others learn how easy it is to share the Gospel. Jesus used the Ten Commandments in Luke 18:18 when the rich ruler asked what he must do to get into Heaven.
Also by using these innovative and acceptable tracts from "The Way of The Master", by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, you get the opportunity to get the Word of God into the hands of the lost.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stone Age or New Technology

 Al , Alan, Marcus, Joe, Ronnie and myself came out to seek those who may be lost. It's by the Lord's  authority and blessing so we know that we have to pray before we encounter them. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.  (Eph 6:12)

Shortly after we were prayed up, we started to implement the new tools that the Lord has prepared for us in this time frame. It saddens me to see so many who claim Christ still living in the "Stone Age"! (I'll explain later)

We have these  "Light Fingers" to draw them away from the bond of Satan for a little while so that they can hear the truth about Jesus Christ. (Would you be willing to be a fool for Jesus?)

These Light Fingers are rubber fingers like those that were used by people who count money, but inside they have a tiny battery and light that when you squeeze it it lights up.  We stand on opposite sides of the sidewalk and throw the imaginary light back and forth to each other. You should see the looks on the faces and they walk between us. Some will even duck as they pass by so as not to be hit by the light.

One such group of about 8 well dressed young ladies stopped in awe, as what they were seeing they couldn't believe. As soon as that happens,one of us will go up to them and show them that this is an illusion and that their eyes could fool them...they always agree.

Now is the perfect time, as they are now curious about what they saw, and we can recite a script from the back of this new technology. Ray has designed two curved cards, one red card and one blue. When these two cards are held together they look the same size, but when you separate them and move them from left to right, the red one looks bigger then the blue one.

The fact that they believe their eyes can fool them we then ask if they would sell one of their eyes for a million dollars. NO, is what you usually get, (unless they are teenagers, then you have to lower the amount because they would sell one for a million), we then ask how about 10 million dollars for both eyes,  NO again.

Now we give them the reason, we tell them that their eyes are precious to them aren't they? They always respond with a YES! Now we are  free to tell them what Jesus said in  "(Mark 9:47)  "If your eye causes you to stumble, throw it out; it is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye, than, having two eyes, to be cast into hell.  We now tell them if that's true let's look at the other Commandments He gave us.

When they were asked had they ever lied, all 8 said yes, when asked if the ever stole anything, several stated that the were Christians. I then asked does that mean they have never taken anything that didn't belong to them? They all said NO, I then stated so if you broke God's Law would just saying you're a Christian save you from God's Wrath?  With that several grabbed their friends and said they had to go. Our guys gave them all million dollar Gospel tracts and asked if they would please read them. as they were walking away you could hear them say, "Thank You for sharing"

So maybe, just maybe using the Law as Paul states in (Gal. 3:24) we are able to help them understand. (check out 1 John 5:20)  One of my favorites from Charles Spurgeon:

I do not believe that any man can preach the gospel who does not preach Law.  The Law is the needle, and you cannot draw the silken tread of the gospel through a man's heart until you first send the Law to make way for it.
I hope you can see by using up to date technology we are able to reach those who are lost. This group of young ladies did not have a clear understanding of what it means to be Born Again. If it weren't for the Light Fingers they never would have stopped to listen to us. If we were to use Stone Age technology and just preach to them, that Jesus loves them, they never wold have stopped to listen. Read 1 Cor. 1:18

Soon after they left Al and I started throwing the lights around again and this time a family of four stopped to watch. We gave the sane message. I hope  you can see that this way of sharing, using these state of the art equipment, just like we no longer use typewriters, we have computers with word processors.

I'm sure you would agree that if you don't have a persons attention you can't share with them. Ray Comfort from The Way of the Master has several eye catching items to help you reach the lost. Million Dollar bills, Red & Blue illusion cards. A card that says if you don't think you need a ticket to get to Heaven then tear this up...and they can't. One of my favorites is a shinning silver coin with the Ten Commandments on one side and the  Gospel of Jesus Christ on the other, just to name a few.

Help me out with this one, give me a good reason why a follower of Christ would resist giving out of these coins, or any of the unique tracts to everyone you meet?....I don't get it! Do you realize how many people we could help find their way to the about a revival!

I pray that you would contact me if you're not doing everything possible to reach out to save those who have not received the undeserved gift that you have.

Is it true that you just need to "BELIEVE"?


A young man stopped by to take the good person test, and received his cash for answering the question. When asked if he was good enough to get into heaven, he said, yes!

After taking him through the law he accepted the fact that he was guilty but that he believed in Jesus and was going to heaven, but did not consider himself  a Christian!

He then made an incredible claim, that he also believed in Mohammad, and Buddha!

I stated that didn't make sense, if you say you believe in Jesus then you should also be called a Christian. Believing in Jesus is an exclusive relationship and if you claim you believe in others for your salvation then you couldn't be saved!
At that point he got very angry and shouted at me saying that if I was telling him that the people who believed in those religions were going to Hell, he then threw the money at my feet and yelled, " I don't want any part of your Jesus!"  1 John 5:11-13, 1 John 5:20  
 Your comments welcomed about this.

On a more positive note, Ronnie is a new sower.  This is only his 2nd time out on Saturday night and already he's engaging with strangers!  
Ronnie on the right handing out a million dollar tract on Mill Ave
Praise the Lord for this man! He  now has the courage to share. He told me that since he had read Ray's book and attended a Way of the Master training, he realized that for all the years he'd been claiming to be a Christian he had not been an obedient follower of Jesus Christ. He now knows that he must be out sharing with as many people he can.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friday Night at the Art Fair

Another Glorious night for the Lord! We had some new sower's come out to reach out to the lost. George & Sarah  from Cave Creek came down to reach out and pray for us and the lost. Alan, my loving wife Catherine, Joe, Marcus, Phil and his group was there as well.

Even our atheist friend Sean and his lady friend setup besides us with their large amplifier to try to over shout our ability to share with those who come to listen.

Joe stepped in front of Sean as he was screaming the answers to the trivia questions and started praying for him. Sarah was behind Sean praying as well. Take this at face value because according to Joe, Sean started to stammer and then went quiet.

I try not to pay attention to what that group is doing when I'm trying to draw a crowd so the only thing I remember was that the shouting from the atheist Sean had stopped. I learned about what Joe and Sarah had done much later in the evening. Praise the Lord for confining those who would oppose the Word of God being proclaimed to the masses in the streets.

Listen as Ryan tries to justify his lifestyle. 1Cor 6:9-10 is very clear!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reaching out to the lost in Tempe AZ

Saturday night in Tempe was another Glorious evening for the Lord. During one of our encounters in drawing a  crowd with trivia questions a family passed by and the teenage girl answered the question and took her prize of one dollar. I then asked if she would like to take the Good Person Test and she glanced at her father and  mother who really didn't say anything, so the young girl came towards me to take the test. Immediately her younger brother came along side her as well as he too was anxious to get the five dollars that I was offering for the test.

This is the first time that I can remember giving this test to someone so young. I asked her father how old was his daughter, he told me she was 16, so I thought she was old enough to understand what I was about to ask her.

Interestingly enough she had no problem admitting to lying, stealing, swearing, but her brother did. He did not want to admit to stealing until I questioned him further, stating to him that God was present and for him to search his conscience. Remember "Con" is with and "Science" is knowledge, so with knowledge, he was convicted about his sin.  After that statement he admitted, with a smile on his face,  that he had taken things that didn't belong to him.

After admitting that they were law breakers, I asked where would God have to send them, Heaven or Hell?
The young lady replied to Hell... and when I asked did she now what God did for her so she wouldn't have to go to Hell she stated, "He died on the cross". I then asked does that mean that everyone will be going to Heaven? She said no! So then I asked did she know what she needed to do so that she would go to Heaven?  Her response was typical..just try to be good!

I explained what Jesus Himself stated in Luke 13:3, " I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish." 

  So trying to be good won't save you. You must place your trust in Jesus Chrsit alone and then REPENT!(have sorrow, remorse, regrett for what you have done that caused Jesus to be crucified.)

Then turn form your sins. Ask the Lord to  help you HATE the sin the way He does, that way you won't be a slave to it. No one does to himself what he hates.

Even though she and her brother failed the Good Person Test I gave her the 5 dollars to show a paultry example of what it looks like on how we are saved. I gave her Eph. 2:8-10, to remind her it's by grace, not of works that we are adopted into the Kingdom fo God.

What happened next I was not expecting. The two of them returned to where their familes when standing and the father came up to me and thanked me for sharin with his children. He then handed me a 5 dollasr bill. I told  him I couldn't take it as it was freely giving to his son & daughter. He then gave me a big smile and said you don't understand, anyone who preaches the Word of God like that in public deserves it, so that I could give it to some else.

Watch as Al gives the same test to Ace.