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Saturday, January 18, 2014

What happened to me at the Out Patient at Cigna

I wouldn't be sending this out except after what happened this morning at the hospital when I had my invasive procedure, which I rather not mention. 

The doctor who performed my cancer surgery five years ago walks up to my bed and said, “how’s life treating you?” I said I was blessed, how about you? He replied things were good. Then he asked an amazing question! So Tom do you still have those Million Dollar Bills? I'm in the hospital bed, totally naked just a smock around me and of course I had  about 20 Million Dollar Bills tucked under me. To say the least, I was shocked! 

Here it is five years later this man that did my surgery still remembered it. I asked if he had read the back he stated he did and it was convicting, as he still has it in his office. He's a surgeon! I say maybe he works 40 weeks of the year, takes some nice vacation time, and if he works five days a week in five years that's 1000 days that he's been with patients and for him to remember some old guy like me, well that’s a God sent. 

 So people please, please listen to this, as I pray that you see this as an opportunity for those of us who claim Christ as the Lord of our life and change your mind about handing out the Word of God… these Million Dollar Bills. They make an impact to those whom we meet no matter where… even a hospital. As the staff gathered around me before they put me to sleep, I was able to give each one a Million-Dollar Bill as a thank you for being so kind. 

 When I woke up a nurse, Mellissa was helping me get ready to leave. That’s when I offered her one and told her that the back was going to ask if she was good enough to get into Heaven? She said yes., I asked if I could ask her a few questions to see if that where true using some of God’s Ten Commandments. She said sure. When she admitted to breaking four of them, she still said that God would find her innocent, because God is a loving God. That’s when they need to hear the courtroom story, after that she changed her mind. 

 Because I was still groggy, she helped me to the restroom and walked me in and as saw the mirror over the sink I turned to her and told her to look in the mirror. I told her that keeping the Ten Commandments wasn’t going to save her, as know one has, but that mirror should show her how filthy dirty she and all of us are, and that God sees us nothing more than filthy rags. (Isa. 64:6). 

The only way we can become born again, righteous, saved, is to REPENT of all our sins and place our TRUST in Jesus Christ ALONE! For it was His death on the cross in Cavalry that paid the fine for all the crimes that we have committed. That’s when she turned and looked directly at me and stated, “Thank you, of all the years I’ve been in Church, I’ve never heard it explained like that, thank you!” 

So here’s my point! If it weren’t for that Million Dollar Bill how would you be able to open a serious conversation about their eternal live to a perfect stranger? (Oh I know just tell them Jesus Loves them) Please read (1Cor.1:18), to find out why you shouldn’t.