This site is primarily to help others learn how easy it is to share the Gospel. Jesus used the Ten Commandments in Luke 18:18 when the rich ruler asked what he must do to get into Heaven.
Also by using these innovative and acceptable tracts from "The Way of The Master", by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, you get the opportunity to get the Word of God into the hands of the lost.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hot night for the Lord on the streets of Tempe

Tonight was an awesome night! Alan, Ann, Catherine, Dan, Doug came to the WOTM Laboratory to get more training on how to use the words from the "What Did Jesus Do" script that helps everyone engage with anyone, simply, effectively and Biblically.

Later on Dale, Phil & Sean showed up as well. With so many laborers for the Lord He was well pleased as those whom He has called were being obedient servants! (Luke 5:32, Mark 16:15, Acts 1:8)

Watch as this video shows those who showed up.

Watch Alan speaks the Law with those who pass by.

Watch as Ann gives her first Open Air

Watch as this man John, learns the real meaning of truly being Born Again.
Then watch as another young man, James, has a desire to share his life with me.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nicky Taking the Good Person Test

 Watch how when confronted with her guilt she decides to run from the truth to continue in the life she is comfortable with. We need to pray that as she goes on her why the Holy Spirit will continue to work on her so that she Repents and turns to the Savior.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Honoring the Lord Today

I just had to post this today, as it truly was for the Glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I was able to give out twenty Gospel tracts and had one “One 2 One Encounter”.

It started out at McDonald's around 7am where I meet with two men to study God's Word and hold each other accountable for our actions.

A little girl came walking by our table with a very pretty doll with thick blond hair. I commented on the doll's hair and saw a big smile on the girl’s face. I asked how old she was and she said nine yrs old. She turned to sit with what looked like her grandfather and I asked him if I could show his granddaughter a trick. He nodded and I made the Ten Commandment coin appear out of thin air. Her eyes got really big and she asked how I did that.

Now what happens next is not unusual as this is the reaction I usually get. Her hand reached out for it as if it belonged to her. I then asked if she would like to have it, she said yes. I then told her that it was a commemorative coin and that it had the Ten Commandments on one side and the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the other and to have her grandfather read it to her. (If any of you know me, you know that I have a hearing problem and I’m sure that others heard me)

The next part is also typical because she had 2 sisters who saw her get something and they then had their hands out as well. I gave them each a coin and then gave the first one (3) of the million dollar Gospel tracts and asked if she would give them to her grandfather and her parents who were sitting at the next table. The grandfather read the back and thanked us for sharing!

From there Alan and I went to a meeting in Chandler to investigate a business opportunity. We were taken to this beautiful office building and had to wait for another person to show up before the tour began. While waiting I noticed that the reception desk was adorned with stainless steel covering. I asked the receptionist did she know how amazing this metal is, if you just know how to tap it, things can happen. I showed her my hands and asked if she could see anything in them and when she said no, I snapped my finger twice and produced the Ten Commandment coin. She said WOW! I like magic! I told her it was a commemorative coin with the Ten Commandments on one side and the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the other. I mentioned that most people I meet do not know the Commandments but that it would be a good idea if she knew them as one day she could be judged by them.

Being she mentioned she liked magic, and the person we were waiting for hadn't shown up yet, I stated that if she liked that one then she would love this one.

I took out the Pink & Blue illusion and she was amazed! I told her that her eyes could fool her couldn't they, she said,“ Yes”.
I then asked if she would sell one of her eyes for a million dollars, she said no! I asked how about both eyes for 10 million, still no.
I then stated that her eyes were precious to her weren't they. She said yes!
I then said maybe we should look at what Jesus said about our eyes, that if your eye causes you to sin then it would be better if you plucked it out because it would be better to enter Heaven with one eye then to be cast into Hell with both.
If that were true then maybe we should look at the other Commandments He gave us.

The 9th, had she ever lied? She said, “ Yes”, What would you be called? She said, “Liar”.
The 8th, not to steal, she said, “Yes,” I then asked what do you call someone who does that, she said, “Thief”.
The 3rd, was not to use God's name as a curse word, again, yes.
I told her God was very serious about that one as He stated that He would not hold anyone guiltless who did that...He takes it seriously and yet most of us think nothing about doing it and she agreed.
I asked her if God were to judge her based on those commandments and we only did (3), would she be innocent or guilty? She said she would be guilty.
I then asked where would God have to send you, Heaven or Hell, she stated, as most of us who have the wrong concept of who God really is, ...Heaven.

I asked how could that be as she just admitted to breaking (3) of God's Laws and there were (7) more to go.
She stated that the Commandments were probably not what God would judge her by, because if He did, then everyone would be in Hell.
She then stated how she had been a good person and tries to live a good life by thinking of others.
I then explained that God has given us His Law and He stated that they are written on our hearts.
She knew it was wrong to lie, steal and swear, so if He is a just God He would have to punish those who do it.
I mentioned that time doesn't forgive sin and that one day we are all going to face Him and we will get what we deserve!
She then changed her demeanor and with her head down stated that she would go to Hell.
I asked if that concerned her and she said, “Yes!”

I asked again and then she said, “He died on the Cross?”

I then said that's not it, yet many people wrongly believe that. That would mean everyone would be going to Heaven.
I gave her an example that if I had broken man's law and the judge was going to sentence me to jail or pay a fine of $100K, which I didn't have, and suddenly someone came into the courtroom and gave the judge a certified check for it, the judge could let me go, right?
She agreed. I then said that's what Jesus did for sinners like me and you. He paid the fine for the crimes we committed against a Holy God and because of His shed blood, death and resurrection He saved us from that punishment. What we need to do is repent, turn from our sinful life and place our trust in Him alone!

I asked her that when she was at home tonight to seriously consider what she just heard and ask God to reveal the truth about her eternal life, as I didn't have the power to change her heart, only the Holy Spirit can do that.

I left her with a few more tracts and she thanked me for sharing with her.

I then explained to her that those of us who claim Christ as Lord are commanded to do. The Love He poured out for us even thought we don't deserve it, is to share with others that we encounter so that they too may have a chance for eternal life.

Her name is Mariah, so pray that the Lord can open her heart and the truth sets her free!

Just as we finished up with the tour another high level person greeted us and thanked us for going through it and stated that if we join them in this business would be millionaires! You guessed it! Everyone in the group as well as this executive and the guard got a million. Again you should have seen the excitement on their faces!

Thinking the day was done, Alan graciously asked if I would like to have lunch as he knew of a Chinese restaurant nearby. Inside was a little helper who was obliviously part of this Chinese family as she was helping clean up the tables as the customers left. I called her over and asked, “what was her name”, she said, Joyce, she was nine yrs old. I asked how would she like to see what magic this silver teapot had that was on our table. With two snaps of my finger a sliver coin appeared! You should have seen her face as she exclaimed WOW, how did you do that.

I told her it was a commemorative coin and that it had the Ten Commandments on one side and the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the other and to have her parents read them to her.

This place was small and her excitement caught the attention of the others who were eating, as well as her mom and aunt who worked there. Joyce asked if I knew of any other magic as she liked magic. I then showed her the Pink & Blue illusion card and she was amazed at that as well. Her mom was now really watching me with her daughter and I had them participate as well.

They were enamored with the illusion and I told them to read the back as it had an important message on it.

Yep all those who were working in the restaurant got a million as well as the customers who were eagerly watching what was going on. As we left we were thankful that the seeds of His Word were placed in the hands of those who may never have had the chance to have them.

What came to me at the end of this day was that I would be sending this out to over 200 of you who could also be able to share using this Biblical principle that is taught by The Way of the Master.

So do the math! 20 tracts times 200 laborers for Christ is 4000 people who in one day would have received the Word of God. I’m sure our Heavenly Father would be well pleased that each of us got out of our comfort zone to do that. Remember what Jesus went through for us at the Garden of Gethsemane? , Not my will but Your will be done!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday Night at the Phoenix Art Fair

It almost felt like the people on the street were like salmon swimming up stream!  I hope by watching this video you get an idea of how many people were there. Handing out the Million Dollar Gospel Tracts was easy.

I was also able to do an "Open Air" to draw a crowd so that I could have someone take the Good Person Test.  After drawing a crowd with trivia questions this young lady, Erica , raised her hand when I offer a five dollar bill to prove she was a good person. After she answered the questions about violating some of God 's Law's her demeanor turned to despair. I wish you could have been seen the look on her face and to watch as her whole body reflected the guilt she was facing.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Suggestion on how NOT to be OFFENDED

During my worldly years before becoming adopted in the the Kingdom of God, this phase was foremost in my mind.

"Advise not asked for is advise not worth giving"

But in 1994 that all changed. The scripture is clear, that we are to be one with one another and to share with others. So I have decided to share with you what the Lord has given me to help with my relationship with others. 

This is not my brainstorm as I'm not that smart I got it from a reliable source a wise man who also is a Brother in Christ.

Several years ago I was blessed to be able to speak with a Dallas Demmitt, PH.D.  He wrote a book called ,"Can you hear me know?" written with his wife Nancy. Web Site

The concept was to help all of us learn how to "experience the power of listening", a quote from the forward by Gary Smalley

If you just internal these (7)  words, then (4) then (3), which you will get soon,  it could change your relationships with everyone you know. 

For those of us who believe God's Word, Proverbs 12:1 states,
"Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, But he who hates reproof is stupid."

Now please remember, I'm not calling anyone stupid, so let's not get OFFENDED! 

Paul states, " Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. (Philippians 2:3-8)
So here's the scenario:

Lets say that someone states that your are, " you fill in the blanks", as an observation or of something that pertains to  you. Again I need your help on this. Is it not true that the typical response from anyone who makes a statement about you would be to defend yourself? 

When someone says something about you, whether a praise or a criticism, your response should be these 7 words. By repeating these 7 words you are validating and clarifying what that person said about you instead of what typically happens is you defend yourself. 

""Is that what you see in me?"

But He gives a greater grace. Therefore it says, "GOD IS OPPOSED TO THE PROUD, BUT GIVES GRACE TO THE HUMBLE."  (James 4:6)

So how could we do what James says in 5:19-20 if were are concerned about offending someone or being offended, that we would not tell them the truth, which  to some could be offensive, or as as I've heard, judgmental!  
(James 5: 19-20)  My brethren, if any among you strays from the truth and one turns him back, let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins. 

So back to those 7 words again. If we respond with them can't you see the freedom you allow your loved ones and friends to have when they need to express what they have in their heart about you? 
Once you get those 7 words internalized then your ready for the next 4 words, 

"Is there anything else?" 

Now that's really brave, but I hope you can see the humility that comes from such a response. You are allowing another person to tell you what they observe in your behavior, attitude or demeanor. Wouldn't that be helpful to see ourselves as others see us?   

Now your ready to graduate for it's now time for the 3 words, that really place you in a humble place.
" Is there more?"

  Once you have reached this plateau then you can humbly ask that person to pray for you because you shouldn't want to be like that.  

Again I can only pray that you would a least get the book and try to apply his concept on how to improve your listen skills and possible you may never be OFFENDED again.