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Also by using these innovative and acceptable tracts from "The Way of The Master", by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, you get the opportunity to get the Word of God into the hands of the lost.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Surgery, The Rest of the Story

I hope some of the Pastor's read this and glean from it as something that those who attend your worship service can learn this teaching using these unique tracks to hand out to perfect strangers. Can you imagine the army that would be raised up for the Lord! He would have more warriors reaching out to those less fortunate souls who may never come into a Church. Remember what Paul said in (1st Cor 2: 1-4)

I mention this with a humble heart knowing that more of us can have similar encounters if only we place our trust in Him. (Phil. 4:13) I would love to have any comments you may have on why using this method of sharing is not Biblical, as I do not want to be doing the work of Satan. But if it is, then shouldn't it be offered to those who come to Worship?

Catherine brought me to the hospital around 9:30 am.
First the receptionist got a million dollar bill.
The check in lady got a million as well.
The next check in lady a million as well.
These two were in close proximity so as I was leaving asked if they liked illusions and showed them the Pink & Blue illusion cards and gave one to each of them.
A nurse's aid came and escorted me to the pre-op with another patient, yep they both got a million
Much to my pleasant surprise my good friend Pastor Blace was there waiting for me in the pre-opt check-in. Nice to have a Brother with you when your facing surgery
A nurse escorted me to my bed and she was rewarded with one as well. She liked it so much I asked if she would like to have more to hand out to those she knew and excitedly she took a bunch
Now only wearing the gown I placed all my tracts on the bed. Catherine was with me and had some in her purse as well. She was also handing them out to anyone she came in contact with
I was now being wheeled to my first test before surgery by an assistant and yep she got one for being a safe driver
In the room the male nurse who got me ready on the screening table got his million dollar reward for being gentle
The doctor came in to give me my nuclear shot, so they could see where the cancer was traveling too, and before he injected me I asked if I paid him a million dollars would he be gentile with me?(He said yes , so he got one)

Now he explained how this procedure helped the surgeon, and asked if I had any question's. Still lying on the table I told him that on the back of the million dollar bill was a question that needed an answer, "Are you good enough to get into Heaven? Much to my surprise he stood there and I walked him through the commandments. When we got to the question, Heaven or Hell", because he admitted breaking all the commandments, he stated that he didn't believe in Hell. I mentioned to him that if I didn't believe I had cancer it wouldn't mean that it was true. I mentioned the Bible makes it very clear, that it exists, so just if it did, based on what we discussed, where would you go? now the look on his face changed from being confident to that look of uncertainty. He never answered, but thanked me for my sharing and said he would read the back of the bill later.

Another aid came to wheel me and my bed back to my waiting area and as I offered her a million she asked if this was one that had President Reagan on it? Wondering how she knew, I said yes, and yes told me her friend had given her one. I then asked if she had any friends and would she like to have a few so she can give them to her friends, she thanked me!

Now back in my pre-op room, I tried to get more comfortable in my bed & knocked all the tracks to the floor. At that moment a nurse passed by and stated, "here let me get that for you" , and then said, "oh my God! those are million dollar bills!" I explained how they were not real but had a very important message on them and I use them to share with everyone I meet. She thought that was thoughtful as sometimes we need to be sharing with others. As she continued speaking I noticed her demeanor starting to change, as her eyes seemed to look sad. I asked if she was okay and she started to share with me that her husband was leaving her after they had been married for over 18 years. I asked if I could pray for her and she said yes, thank you.

Another pleasant surprise was my Pastor Jack showed up around 1 pm and stayed with Catherine after they took me in to surgery around 3:45.

The nurse who came by to set me up with an IV, yep, she got one too
Then the anesthesiologist came to my bed to explain his role and I asked him what would happen if I didn't wake up from the surgery, where would I go? I was able to share with him about our final destination and then asked him what would happen to him if he didn't wake up from a sleep. You know the rest of the story
Though I must say my biggest surprise was when one of the women from Jack's Church, Laura, came around 3:pm so that she could comfort Catherine while I would be in surgery. She was there to help me out of the hospital around 7:30 pm, I thank the Lord for Laura's heart to give up her time to be with Catherine during that time.

Some of you might be saying I don't hear about anyone accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. Well I believe our job as one who has been been born again, adopted into His Glorious Kingdom, are called to plant the seeds of truth, not just Grace... and tell them to say a prayer. The truth comes first, so that they will understand why they need our Savior. Each one of us has violated God's commandments and deserves Hell, but most of us are not told about the Wrath of God and how His standards are far above ours. Once a person understands they are guilty God can open their eyes so that they can that the only way all of their sins can be washed away is if they repent, and place their trust in Jesus Christ alone! That's probably why Jesus gave the rich young ruler (5) of the Ten Commandments when he asked, "what must I do to have eternal life?" (Luke 18:18-20)

Again, Catherine & I want to thank all of you for your prayers during this time. I thank the Lord for His mercy and discernment about this method of sharing the truth with everyone we meet.

Now we can say that, "we are nobodies who can share with anybody about somebody who can save anybody"