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Also by using these innovative and acceptable tracts from "The Way of The Master", by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, you get the opportunity to get the Word of God into the hands of the lost.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

WOW, Talk about being lead by The Holy Spirit!

While waiting for traffic to move on Bell Rd, my eye caught a driver just ahead of me to my right waving his hand out his window saying something. I rolled down the passenger side and heard him ask me, "Does conflict of interest apply in the business world?" I heard it but didn't understand really what he wanted and then the traffic started to move. So I shouted back that if he wanted my answer to pull into the shopping center ahead. I got out of my car and approached his passenger window and again he asked the same question. Puzzled, I asked, " Why are you asking me that question and why would you care about my answer?"

He told me that he and his girlfriend, who was sitting in the back with a little baby, were arguing about it as she was working for two different companies who did the same work. He was telling her that it was a conflict of interest and she shouldn't be working for both companies.

Again I asked what made him think that I would be the one to ask? He stated that when he saw me, (you're going to love this) that he thought I looked like a wise man. I was surprised at that answer and then gave him my answer about it.

I replied that I thought that maybe he wanted to speak to me because of my license plate, "IM4GVN", as I saw a fish on the back of his car and wondered did he put it their. He said no as it was their when he bought it. He then asked what did the letters mean, and I told him it meant , "I AM  FORGIVEN"

He asked why, " What did I do to need forgiveness?" I told him that I used to think that I was a good person. Then I asked if he thought he was a good person, he said yes! I then asked if I could test that by using God's Ten Commandments to see if tit's true? He said, "sure go ahead"

He admitted to lying stealing, blasphemy and lust. With each answer his head bowed down as if he was sorry for what he had done. I asked how did he think God would find him, innocent or guilty? He said guilty, I asked where would God have to send him Heaven or Hell? Again with his head bowing down, quietly he said, "Hell."  (Now is the time to ask the most important question.)  Does that concern you?  He said, "YEA!" 

I then asked if he knew what God did for him so that he wouldn't have to go to Hell? 

He then said that he asks to be forgiven, as he remembers being taught that in Church,  and tries not to do them again. At that  point I asked him did you not say that the lady in the back is your girlfriend and that the baby is yours? Again his head bowed down as he softly answered, "yes" and then said that when I mentioned about lust it really made him think about what he had done.

I then explained that asking forgiveness was not enough that he had to have remorse, regret, Godly sorrow for offending a Holy God. It's called repentance, so that you would hate the sin as much as God does and not do it again. The only thing that could save him was to place his faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone. Once he did that he would receive the Holy Spirit and be born again.

At this point now I'm sure that the Lord had lead me to this man, as he then asked, "Asked me do I teach others?"  I told him yes, as I have a free seminar planned for March 26th. He then said that he would love to come to learn.

Please pray for this man, Kim and his girlfriend, as they now have had the opportunity to see themselves as God see's them, not good, (Isa. 64:6)

Though it's not a pleasant experience, it's better to find out now when you still have time to do something about it rather then to have to face a Holy God after you've taken your last breath and have no defense because you tried to get in on you own and that would leave you guilty .

I give thanks to the Lord for sending Ray Comfort to our country and giving him insight on how to teach anyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ how to speak to perfect strangers about their eternal destination.

For the first 8 years of claiming Christ as my Lord I shared only with my immediate family, a few friends, who after giving my testimony told me they were glad that I found something.

I can't remember ever speaking to anyone else who crossed my path. But in the last 6 years  after taking The Way of the Master Training, I have interacted with over Ten thousand people! I pray that you would want to be a laborer for the Lord as well. (Luke 10:2) ,(Mark 16:15) (Acts 1:8)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Saturday Night with Catherine

Catherine & I arrived later than normal on Mill in Tempe, as we were invited to a ST Patrick's dinner and didn't get there until 9pm. I must confess, we found it difficult to head down to Mill after the dinner as we came home to change our clothes. I go often and I had to force myself  NOT to stay home and just relax after an enjoyable dinner. We could have found lots of reasons not to go. Al, Alan, Marcus and Ronnie were already there passing out tracts.

Catherine had taken a large handful of the million dollar tracts, about 200, before we left for the dinner and commented that she would like to leave around 10-10:30, as she had a lot to do Sunday and wanted to get up early to get them done. She stated that she probably grabbed too many tracts as she couldn't see how she would be able to give them all away in just an hour. 

Time certainly fly's when your having fun and just past 10 Catherine mentioned to me that she only had a few tracts left and couldn't believe how many people passed by her accepting the free gift. Once they take she always pray that they read later and that the Lord would open their hearts. She was extremely excited as she now realized that just being obedient, as she really didn't want to go to Mill so late and to leave early, and yet the Lord blessed her and lifted her spirits as to how successful she was just because she came out to the street. 

One young man stopped to asked her about what she was doing handing them out and she told him it was a Gospel Tract and if he read the back it was worth more then a million. He read some of it and then stated he knew Jesus and sometimes went to church. He also spoke of how when he messes up he asks for forgiveness and knows that God is loving and forgives him.

I then asked him how often does he ask to be forgiven and he stated several times a day.  I then mentioned that I didn't hear him saying anything about repentance, since Jesus stated in Luke 13:3, that unless you repent you all likewise perish. Paul makes a similar claim in 2Cor. 7:10, For the sorrow that is according to the will of God produces a repentance without regret, leading to salvation, but the sorrow of the world produces death.

At this point he started to explain how he really wasn't willing to give it his ALL, as he liked doing what he was doing and when that day came that he would be willing to give up his life style, he would accept all that Jesus required of him but not yet.

I tried to explain to him that maybe the Lord brought him to us tonight and this is the time for him to humble himself and to repent of his sins, have remorse, regret for offending a Holy God and not do them anymore. To consider asking God to have him hate the sin as much as God does, because you never know when you going t take your last breath.

I asked if he remembered the student who was killed here on campus a while back, he said yes, but just then a young lady came up to him who obviously was intimate with him, snuggled up to him and said lets go. He left with a smile and said see how hard it is?

A few minutes a group of four came by and took a tract from me and when they realized we were sharing Christ they stated that they were Christians, and didn't need one. One had two large black circular rings embedded in his ears with several nose rings as well. I don't understand why the youth of today think they have to defile their bodies.

After a few of his comments about how loving God is and He wouldn't send anyone to Hell.  I then asked if he considered himself to be a good person, and would he mind using God's Commandments to validate it. As usual he said yes, and then I asked the other guy and the two ladies to take the test as well. The two ladies answered quickly about lying, but the man with the earrings refused to answered and only replied with that he was saved by the Blood of Jesus.

After a while he commented that I sounded like those people who believe that I was chosen by God and NOT of my own free will, and he didn't want to talk to anyone like me because we were spreading lies. The God he believes in, which he himself sought out at age (7), is a loving God and would not send anyone to Hell. The lady next to him then stated that the questions I was asking was not what Jesus would do and that I needed to show more love.

When I asked her had she ever read Luke 18:18 where Jesus Himself used the Commandments, she said yes, but the way to share with others is to do it as she does. She explained how she sat on a bench with a homeless person and just asked about his life. She could see how amazed he was that she would sit with him.  She told him how she was sexually abused growing up as a child and had a lot of anger and bitterness in her. When she accepted Jesus, also at age (7), she forgave her molester and became a Christian. After her sharing her experience with this homeless man she made an amazing claim, that he accepted Jesus and became a Christian.

I then asked if I could summarize back what I heard her say? It sounds like if I have had a horrible experiences in my life, been molested, no money, relationship breakups, then all I need to do is accept Jesus, because He loves me and I will be saved.

I then asked her what would I be saved from, as it appears that God has burdened me with unimaginable situations when I have done nothing wrong.  Then those of us who have not been molested, have adequate finances and a well rounded relationships don't need to accept Jesus? That's when she said it was a waste of time taking to me and they left.