This site is primarily to help others learn how easy it is to share the Gospel. Jesus used the Ten Commandments in Luke 18:18 when the rich ruler asked what he must do to get into Heaven.
Also by using these innovative and acceptable tracts from "The Way of The Master", by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, you get the opportunity to get the Word of God into the hands of the lost.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday Night on Mill Ave then Taco Bell in Tempe

This night was similar to the other nights. Asking everyone if they would like a free glow-stick. To get one all they have to do is prove they are good enough to get into Heaven.  It amazes me how many stop to get them, even the men want them. It's in Proverbs 20:6, Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness (KJV)

Al did an open air and the man who came forward to take the good person test walked away when he realized he was guilty before a Holy God. When Al tried to help him understand what he needed to do to be right with God he walked away and gave Al the finger gesture, which is common to those have nothing to say.

You must give credit to Al for taking a risk by speaking to a perfect stranger on how to avoid the pitfalls of Hell. Obviously this man and many others who have their own view of what God is like needs our prayers.

We left our corner around 11 to get a late night snack at a Jack in The Box. Marcus and Kat came by to meet us. We started talking about our Baptism experiences and I shared how one day the Lord provided me the opportunity to Baptize 4 people in one family and 3 of our friends on the same day.

There were 3 young men seated near us and one of them asked if they could ask a question about Baptism. He asked, " is it necessary to  Baptize babies?" I asked, "What do you think?" This started about an hour long discussion about Catholicism verses Christianity.

So after many questions and answers by Marcus, Cat, and  Al  about who our faith is with, their insistence was that:
  • Babies must be Baptized to cleanse them of original sin
  • We must speak to Mary  for our prayer request as she was born free from sin,(God would not place Himself into a sinners body)
  • When the Eucharist is offered by a priest, it has become the actual body of Jesus, because the priest has that  power to transform it
  • Holy water was next, again the priest has the power to bless it and make it holy, (I then explained that the only way to make water holy is to boil the Hell out of it... as nothing on Earth is holy only God is Holy)
  • We must confess our sins to a priest as he has the power through God to forgive us our sins so that we can get into Heaven (Last Rights?)
These 3 men were adamant about what they believed. What made this divine appointment amazing to me was their response to the question I asked, " What was their religious background". The first man stated that his parents were from Saudi Arabia and he was raised Catholic. The 2nd one was raised Catholic as well with American parents, but the most unexpected answer I got was from the man who stated that he was raised as a Muslim, and just recently converted to being a Catholic. 

So back to their last statement about confessing to a priest for forgiveness, I asked them a hypothetical question.

If they where told that they were dying, but maybe a doctor could save them, and having only one choice, a doctor or a priest which one would they choose? Immediately without hesitation they stated a priest!

With that answer I explained  that they have a false religion, as they are being taught to place their faith and trust in a priest instead of the only One who can save them from the pit of Hell, Jesus Christ.  John 14:6  I told them that my answer, as one who has been born again, would be a doctor.

I'm so thankful that the Lord placed these men in my path. I'm also grateful that I was out that night like many other Saturday nights seeking to save the lost. Not  only was our message heard by them but as we were leaving Al asked me, "Did I see all the other people in the restaurant standing behind listening to what was being said?" I had not as I was focused on speaking to the men in front of me. He marveled at how many were standing there, drawn to listen  about God's Word.

I myself was raised Catholic and was taught to do all the same religious acts that they professed and tried to please God and to also place my faith in priests. Please pray for others like this as the Scripture is very clear, Matthew 7:15, Matthew 24:11, and Matthew 24:24 to name a few.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A busy Weekend!

  • Moving into our mobile home on Cave Creek Rd, Phx.
  • Friday night at 3rd & Roosevelt sharing with hundreds on th street, by giving away Glow Sticks,
  • Saturday morning I was interviewed by Living Waters radio about why and how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ from 7-8 am. The link is below.  
  • Saturday night out on the streets at ASU,
  • Then Sunday morning trying out a Church, North Mountain Church, right across were we live on Cave Creek Rd. When we were filling out the new attendee form I asked Catherine what was today's date, when she replied 4/3/11, I couldn't believe it, as that would mean that 17 years ago today I was made clean, and adopted into the Kingdom of Heaven, being born again!
 If you would like to hear my comments on it, I pray that something I say enlightens you as if the Holy Spirit spoke to you directly as was me on this day 17 years ago.