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Also by using these innovative and acceptable tracts from "The Way of The Master", by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, you get the opportunity to get the Word of God into the hands of the lost.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 24th Way of the Master Seminar

Today I was blessed to host this seminar as the Pastor from The Father's Fellowship had asked if I would do The Way of The Master Seminar for his people at Church. I just started going this Church about a month ago. They had just started the series from the weekly training for their Tuesday evening Bible study and I started to attend. It was the second time I was there and Pastor Jack took me outside before the meeting and asked if I would put on the 1/2 day seminar for his people as I had been sharing with him that I had been doing The Way of The Master seminars for the last four years. It was exciting to hear him announce that on Sunday, that this Saturday I would be hosting this seminar and that all should attend. I stood by the sign up table after the worship service prayerfully hoping that some would sign up. The Lord definitely touched the hearts of those who were there as about 30% signed up for the training.

The day came and the training was well received. There were many somber and humorous moments. Somber, because when they viewed the video that showed a group of teenagers who couldn't name any of the Ten Commandments, (Romans 2:15) but had no problem naming 10 different brands of beer. The humor when they heard some of the ridiculous answers from those who were taking the "good person test" (Galatians 3:24)

It was a blessing to have others who had been through this before come just to share what listening to this teaching had done for them. One of the ladies named Ann lives about 45 minutes away and shared how this training changed how she shares, as she admitted being a Christian for at least 50 years and never used the Law to help someone understand why they need a Savior.

Dan also wasn't a member of this church but had been out on the streets with us because of AL, another seed sower whom he knows. He tried to implore the group to at least come out on the streets to see us in action as this is what helped him to understand how using the tracts and the Law was an easy way to share and it gave him a desire to want to reach out to save those who are lost. (Acts 1:8)

Well the five hours passed quickly as now it was time for prayer and nourishment. Some came with me to Tempe to observe how this actually works with strangers. Below is a picture of me drawing a crowd by giving away money by asking trivial questions. At the right time I ask, "Who here can prove to me that they are a Good Person?" Someone's hand always goes up! (1Tim 1:8)

The lady you see in back of me is Ella. She has the beautiful white hair. This was her first Way of The Master Seminar and she came down with me as she doesn't like driving at night. She was on fire as she handed out several Million Dollar bills to perfect strangers. All her life she said she has wanted to share, but never did anything like this. She mentioned to me that she was going to call & order her own pack of Million Dollar bills so that she can give them away wherever she goes.

Then there was Andres and his 13 year od son. It was amazing to watch how this young boy on his own requested to have some of the Million Dollar bills so that he could hand them out like we were. (Matthew 18:3)

Well, today was a long day as we got finished around 10:30 pm. Lots of tracts were handed out and many one--2- ones were done. We praise the Lord for giving us the passion and desire to go out to reach and save the lost. We are nobody's who can share with anybody about somebody who can save anybody. (Mark 16:15)