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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Comment From a Way of the Master Seminar Graduate 4/24/10

Thom, thank you so much for the Way of the Master Seminar. That was a true breath of refreshment. I came to one of your seminars two years ago but this time it seemed very different. Two years ago was like an acclimation to the program in discovering what it was about. I knew much of what to expect this time, but so much was new in what was taught and said. In all honesty (I know you said not to say that but what the heck), I felt such a greater power to be able to get involved this time.

Two years ago I felt like it was next to impossible to do what you do but I felt this time a much greater power of confidence. I learned so much in the seminar in watching the videos and asking questions and listening to you talk and share. Saturday night in Tempe I felt a supernatural empowerment as I tried to do as Thom said and get in front of my fear so that my fear would be behind me and then I could stop focusing on my fear and focus on the challenge that God was putting in front of me. This time I was able to approach people and hand out tracts and attempt to engage people in conversation. I even started to have a lot of fun with it. What a feeling of service to Jesus that I felt.

Watching Thom and Al at work talking to people was a real learning experience. I feel like I still have a ways to go to learn to interact like Thom or Al but what I took away from the experience was a belief that I really can learn to witness to the lost and reach out to people in the true perspective of what Jesus taught and did on the Cross for us all. I feel there are so very many people who are just waiting for me to reach.

Also seeing Jean in action who is a fairly new participant to the program was very inspiring as I got to see how far she has come along in witnessing. I could see she had a bit of a struggle but I also saw the growing bravery and the process if you will of how a person can learn to get involved and reach out to people. I am so very much looking forward to learning and growing more in the program as I feel there is no better service I could be to Jesus than to reach out to people who are perishing. Thanks again with the greatest of sincerity.

Doug Johnsen

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Her Very First Time !!!

Watch as Jean quotes the Ten Commandments from an elevated position to those passing by on Mill ave in Tempe AZ. As frightened as she said she was this time she faced her fears and placed her trust in Jesus Christ, (Phil 4:13) and stepped up to speak. When she was finished I asked her had the fears she imagined been validated?

Her respnse, "No, nothing happened that I thought would. For thirty years I have claimed to be a Christian and rarely shared my faith with anyone. I never would have been able to do what I just did because of some unfounded fear. It was wonderful declaring the word of God to the masses. I wouldn't have been able to do this if it weren't for the training I received at the Way of The Master Seminars. So I guess this so called GIFT OF EVANGELISM is really a learned process, just like anything else we do in life!

Got this from Al
F alse
E vidence
A ppearing
R eal

Here's Al sharing with Marcella

It was exciting to see Leigh and Alan already out there passing out tracts. Al arrived first from the seminar, then I came with those who wanted to watch ans learn. Catherine,Jean and Doug, this was Doug's first time.

AL and I were tossing the light illusion we bring that attaches to our thumbs. It caught the attention of a group passing by and on young lady started to film us. I then explained this was a mere optical illusion and how your eyes can fool you. I quoted what Jesus said in Mat 5:29 about plucking you eye if you sin, better to be in Heaven with one eye then Hell with both. I then asked here if she would like to hear what else Jesus said and she said, "yes."

Her name is Emily and she had a typical distorted view of who God is. She kept trying to bring in our culture when I would ask about her breaking God's Commandments. She had a difficult time relating them to herself. Finally after explaining the she needs to be concerned that one day she would stand in front of a Holy God and He will judge her,even her most inner thoughts, and He would judge our culture in the same way. (Rev. 20:15)

So her concept that all of us are Lawbreakers and God being a loving God wouldn't send anyone to Hell...sound familiar? Lets pray for Emily as she walked away she thanked me for being on the street at night sharing with others. She mentioned that she would read the booklet I gave her, "Save yourself some pain". I pray she sends me the video!

I was fortunate enough to continue with the outreach when the Lord brought me two women from CA.

This was an awesome night for the Lord. Many who walked the streets that night not only heard the true Gospel preached but also were able to examine themselves, (2nd Cor. 13:5) on how the the Lord of the Heavens will judge those who do not REPENT and place their Trust in Jesus Christ alone. Glory be to God as this night was His!

Your comments appreciated

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How would you like to be able to do this?

This video is truly a blessing from our Lord. I pray that when you watch it you can say to yourself, I would love to be an obedient servant for You Lord! Acts 10:42.

Tonight was an exciting night! Al, Alan and I went to Mill Ave because that's were those who are lost hang out. Does it make sense to just be with other church goers? Jesus went out and preached to those who didn't get a good seat in the Temple, He went to them. So when he states come follow me, if I'm a good servant that's what I should do, right? Mark 1:17,

So by using a way that encourages a crowd to form, asking trivia questions and giving away money for the correct answer, you can gather a crowd so they can hear what the Holy Spirit wants them to hear. Did you notice in the video how excited those who gather got when they were right, even for only a dollar.

Then comes the easy part asking them about God's Ten Cmmandments. In the five years I havve been sharing I have yet to meet anyone, even those who claim Christ, who can name them and of couse who has kept them.
One of my favorite qutes is from Charles Spurgeon:"I do not believe that any man can preach the gospel who does not preach Law. The Law is the needle, and you cannot draw the silken tread of the gospel through a man's heart until you first send the Law to make way for it.

Again Jesus tells His disciples in Mark 8:34, if they wish to follow Him that must deny himself and take up his cross. Tell me if I got this wrong, wouldn't denying oneself mean to give up my own comfortable ways and trust in Christ and do as He did, and not be concerned what others think of me? You know I make look foolish, or they may not like me, or they may think I'm a fanatic!

In Acts 1:8, it's very clear that when Christ was ascending to Heaven He told them again, that whoever claimed Him as Lord would receive the Holy Spirit to be His witness, to ALL people, not just friends and family members, those we feel comfortable with. One of the first verses I learned was Mat. 10:28, that it was God to fear, which we know means respect, not to even fear Satan, and especially not those we don't know because only the Lord is my judge. We receive our value from God not from others!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Al & Tom using Open Air to draw a crowd using money and trivia questions

Watch as Al shares with two different young ladies to see if they are GOOD ENOUGH TO GET INTO HEAVEN! The one on the right had already seen AL give this test so she was willing to go through it just to get the $5. The young girl on the left had never heard this so either way the Gospel of Jesus Christ was proclaimed to all who were in range to hear him speak... Praise the Lord for Al being a faithful obedient laborer and having the courage to do it! Each video about 3 minutes.

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Watch as Tom draws a crowd using trivia questions and giving away money for the correct answer Watch how excited they are about trying to answer the question. The prize is only $1.00 and yet the enthusiasm is contagious. This is a great way to gather a crowd so that when the Gospel message is shared it is heard by a group as opposed to just one. I'm not saying that sharing to one is not important, it's just that it gives the other seed sowers an easier opportunity to share with them.

Watch as Tom continues to offer money to this young man who try's to prove that he is GOOD ENOUGH TO GET INTO HEAVEN!