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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Comment From a Way of the Master Seminar Graduate 4/24/10

Thom, thank you so much for the Way of the Master Seminar. That was a true breath of refreshment. I came to one of your seminars two years ago but this time it seemed very different. Two years ago was like an acclimation to the program in discovering what it was about. I knew much of what to expect this time, but so much was new in what was taught and said. In all honesty (I know you said not to say that but what the heck), I felt such a greater power to be able to get involved this time.

Two years ago I felt like it was next to impossible to do what you do but I felt this time a much greater power of confidence. I learned so much in the seminar in watching the videos and asking questions and listening to you talk and share. Saturday night in Tempe I felt a supernatural empowerment as I tried to do as Thom said and get in front of my fear so that my fear would be behind me and then I could stop focusing on my fear and focus on the challenge that God was putting in front of me. This time I was able to approach people and hand out tracts and attempt to engage people in conversation. I even started to have a lot of fun with it. What a feeling of service to Jesus that I felt.

Watching Thom and Al at work talking to people was a real learning experience. I feel like I still have a ways to go to learn to interact like Thom or Al but what I took away from the experience was a belief that I really can learn to witness to the lost and reach out to people in the true perspective of what Jesus taught and did on the Cross for us all. I feel there are so very many people who are just waiting for me to reach.

Also seeing Jean in action who is a fairly new participant to the program was very inspiring as I got to see how far she has come along in witnessing. I could see she had a bit of a struggle but I also saw the growing bravery and the process if you will of how a person can learn to get involved and reach out to people. I am so very much looking forward to learning and growing more in the program as I feel there is no better service I could be to Jesus than to reach out to people who are perishing. Thanks again with the greatest of sincerity.

Doug Johnsen

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Anonymous said...

Cool Thom, my words just brought tears to my eyes.


Anonymous said...

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