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Monday, December 23, 2013

Just got home from Jail

Just got out of jail a while ago. Home now and reflecting on what happened. Got there around 8:30 and it took a while to get checked in. This was the first time that Nathan & I went with Bob & Midge to the what is called a “POD”. This is where the inmates are held and can request a meeting with Christians who have been approved by the county to visit with them. The POD is a small room where a group of about 15 can come together to listen to some Bible readings and ask questions. 

Bob brought his mandolin and Nathan brought his guitar. We all sang Christmas songs with the inmates and then Midge shared a story with them. We were blessed to be able to do this three separate times. We are also supposed to do two Chapel messages. This is where the inmates are escorted out of their cells from different sections in handcuffs to do the same thing. But there was a problem with one section and the inmates were not allowed out of their cells. Called a “Lock Down”. 

 I was surprised as I was asked to open in prayer, and this being my first time in this environment, I was a little leery. Taking a few deep breaths and asking for guidance from the Lord, I gave them what came to me. This is what I said to them. They were all here for a reason, and they understood why. They should realize that man’s law had to be satisfied and if they were found guilty they would have to do the time. The good news was that that sentence was temporary, as once their sentence was served they would be set free. But they would still have to face a Holy, Righteous and Just God, and that would be the day when they die, and His Judgment would be eternal…either Heaven or Hell. (Heb. 9:27) So with this in mind I then asked that the Lord would break their hearts, so that they would realize that they rightly deserved to be sent to Hell for disobeying God’s Holy Laws, and at the same time have them REPENT and place their TRUST in the only one who could pay the fine for their crimes…Jesus the Christ. (1Cor. 7:10) 

Those that heard the message from all the PODSs & the Chapel, clamored to receive the Million Dollar Gospel tracts, as well as the tract that asks “Which Religion is Right “, and the Texting tract. 

They now have heard the Truth of what is required of those of us who are Law breakers. Riding home, Nathan mentioned how he saw many of their faces change after hearing it. 

 Let us all pray that the Lord answers our prayers and tonight the Holy Spirit convicts them so that others may be adopted into the Kingdom of Heaven. (Eph.1:5)