This site is primarily to help others learn how easy it is to share the Gospel. Jesus used the Ten Commandments in Luke 18:18 when the rich ruler asked what he must do to get into Heaven.
Also by using these innovative and acceptable tracts from "The Way of The Master", by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, you get the opportunity to get the Word of God into the hands of the lost.

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Monday, January 31, 2011

WOTM Seminar 1/29/11 and Beyond

This seminar went very well as the Holy Spirit was with us, as those who attended were on fire to learn a way that would help them reach the lost.

Besides watching the videos that show us how successful it is to use the Law to reach out to the lost, they also humbled themselves by standing up and recited the commandments and the words that went with them.

Al gave a presentation, just like he does when he meets people. They were able to follow what he was saying from what was given to them on paper and that made it easy for them to follow along.

This was the first time that everyone who attended came with us to Tempe at night

Later that evening I was told by some that they spoke to more strangers about what was necessary for salvation then all the years they had been a Christian.

Praise be given to the Lord fro helping those who came to be what  He prayed for, "LABORERS": Luke 10:2

Friday, January 28, 2011

A night to Glorify the Lord Jesus Christ

Tonight was an amazing night. I got an email that a friend of ours 18 month old son, Addison was in the hospital. Catherine and I went to visit and found the boy was improving...Praise God. We were able to share with several of the hospital staff including the volunteer person who escorted us to the room, as we gave her a Million Dollar Gospel Tract for taking us and explained that she needed to read the back to find out if she was GOOD enough to get into Heaven. 

As we were leaving, I asked a man which way to go to get to the exit. He was kind enough to give us a long explanation of all the turns we needed to make. With that I gave him a million for being so helpful and then he stated that he would take us to where we needed to go. While walking I asked him who was he here for and he told me about his 5 yr old daughter who was in for over a month and had brain surgery removing a tumor. Now at the door I showed him that a silver coin can appear from the chrome handles of a wheelchair, and gave it to him explaining that it was a commemorative coin and that it had the Ten Commandments on one side and the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the other. Then an amazing thing happened...he asked if I would come back with him to show what I just done to his daughter.  

I looked at Catherine and we both said yes. When we got to the room the little girl was sleeping and several of the family members were there. So at that point we gave each of them a Million Dollar Gospel Tract. The man's wife then asked if we could come back about an hour later as they would have to wake up their daughter to get her ready for before she would go to sleep for the night. With that request, how could we refuse, so we left to grab a quick bite and came back about an hour later. 

The little girl was now awake but I could see she was sedated, but she did give us a slight hand wave to acknowledge our presence. I showed her the coin trick and placed it in her hand as she could barely raise her hand. The father and mother were very appreciative that we came back, so that's when I showed them the pink & blue illusion cards again, in more detail. The wife was enamored on how her eyes where fooling her and then I walked her through the Law and the consequences of violating them.  I summed up that all the religions in world were false representation of trying to get to Heaven. 

Some religions pray to a priest to have them forgive them of their sins as I was once Catholic and that's what I was taught by them. But now my eyes have been opened and I now the truth. So that's when I told them the only way that I can be accepted into the Heavenly Kingdom was that I needed to repent of my sins, lying, stealing, cursing, and lust to name a few, and place my trust in Jesus Christ alone to forgive me. A nurse came in and we were going to leave, but that's when I was convicted that we needed to pray over this little girl and I asked her parents if it would be okay and asked them to come close to there daughter and we all laid hands on her and Catherine and I prayed. 

Now comes the amazing part that Catherine & I got a kick out of. I hope you continue and don't stop reading yet. The father asked me what my name was as he really appreciated us being there. Now here it comes. Your going to love this...really, he said his name was Moses....Moses! So now I can say I finally met Moses!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Cold Saturday Night in Tempe on Mill Ave 1/8/2011

Tonight Al, Catherine, Ronnie, Marcus and Joe were some of the faithful sowers who came out on this  cold winter night in Tempe on Mill Ave, to reach out to the lost.

I purchased some Glow Sticks which lite up when you bend them and they glow with different colors. The light at night attracts some who are walking past us at the Post Office where we hang a sign, “Are you a Good Person?” We explain to those who stop that we are giving away Glow Sticks to anyone who takes this test.
Lyquinda and Marsherrie, were one of the first to stop by after I mentioned that we were giving away this Sticks to anyone who would take the Good Person test. Lyquinda responded quickly, so I told her that I was going to use God’s Ten Commandments to she if she was, not my opinion or the world’s point of view. She agreed and then I asked if she had ever told a lie as the ninth Commandment God said that we were not to lie. She smiled and stated that everyone lies, I agreed but then reminded her that this test was about her and not the other people in the World. She then said “yes”, and so it went as I asked her three more, which she admitted to breaking.   The 8th, stealing, 3rd Blasphemy, and finally the 7th, where Jesus explained that even if we lust after another person we have committed Adultery with that person in our hearts.

At this point she became a little more agitated and stated that she didn’t like where this was going and now was not liking me very much. I then asked  her if she had ever heard the phrase, “Don’t shoot the messenger, but listen to the message!” It was a real blessing for her as her friend Marsherrie spoke up and said, “ yes”,  as she had heard her Pastor explain it. Marsherrie then made an extremely encouraging comment. She told her friend that she should listen to what I was saying and be thankful that it was being explained to her.” Praise the Lord for Him bringing these two ladies to us and pray for Lyquinda to have the Lord help her recognize what her sins are and repent from them, and place her trust in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of them. Just as they were leaving Marsherrie said to me  “This  was the most extremely important message she had ever heard and she thanked God for bringing me out onto the street tonight to speak it to them!”

I gave another test to two young men, Tabby and Alexander, who are in their early 20’s, who both after admitting being guilty of violating God’s Law proclaimed they would be declared Innocent because God is a loving and forgiving God, and wouldn’t send anyone to Hell. I then gave him a courthouse scenario, how a good judge must punish a law breaker.  I also explained to him what it meant to “REPENT “ to have remorse, regret, to be sorrow  for offending a Holy God.  The young man Tabby then proclaimed that he knew all about Jesus and His death on the cross,  but was not willing to turn from his life style  as he liked it the way it was. He then made an amazing comment. He might repent of his sins when he was in his 40’s.

I then asked him how long did he think it would be before he would die? He pondered for quite a while and then stated around 70 or 80. I then asked had he heard about the shooting deaths in Tucson where several people were killed, one a little girl age  9?  He said he had. I told him that he really couldn't tell me how long he might live as he could die tomorrow and then where would he wind up as he just admitted he wanted to keep on sinning for at least two more decades.

His demeanor changed after that comment as I  could see in his face the realization about what could happen was now real. I asked him if he would read some other information I had and when he went home tonight that he get on his knees and ask the Lord how he could  redeem himself from desiring to please Satan, with his continuing sinning, and instead please the Lord by having a changed heart that would be pleasing to Him, and then truly repent of his sins, and place his trust in Jesus Christ alone to save him from eternal punishment in Hell.

And so it went for most of the night, as I was able to interact with several people that night because of the silly Glow sticks. Please consider learning this simple Biblical principle, God’s Ten Commandments, on how to reach out to those strangers who pass you by everyday.
They are possibly being mislead and need to hear the truth!