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Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Friday an AWESOME night to go out to serve the Lord

Tonight was an awesome night for the Lord. These are the names of those who came out to honor the Lord on the day He died for them.

AL, his wife Jill and their girls, McKayla and Kylie. Brandt and his wife Haleh. Edwin and his wife Anna.  Keith, this was his first time out with us. Marcus and Kat with Alex and new born Caleb. Jeremy and Tish with their teenage son Josh. Steve, who did his 2nd open air. Vittoria, who brought her friend Bonnie, as well as Matt and his two teenage daughters. There was another couple with their young son as well, and a man whom I'll call motorcycle Joe
Those who understand that being one who believes in Jesus we must also be a follower. So instead of going into a building, which is being done probably 50 times a year or more,  these men and  women with their young ones came out into the dark streets of Phoenix to engage with those who may be lost.

Isn't that what our Lord Jesus Christ did? He didn't just meet with those in the synagogue, He went out into the streets where He could proclaim the Good News. Well, that's just what happened this Friday night. It's called Good Friday, and this was the day that the Lord allowed Himself to be brutally put to death by being nailed to a cross. He did that so that those whom God has called could be saved! 
He commands all of us who are His to go do the same. Mark 16:15, is very clear as well as Acts 1:8.

With this group, all with the same intention. it was like an army of laborer's. Maybe the verse where Jesus prayed to our Heavenly Father in Luke 10:2 is starting to get answered.

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