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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Saturday Night Live 6/22/13

Saturday night was a mix of every religious belief you can imagine. As Al and I were driving down to Mill Ave in Tempe he mentioned that tonight was going to be demonic because the moon was 13% brighter than normal. It certainly proved to be just that! Nathan, his son Aaron and his nephew Brandon were already on the corner there. These teens are a big help, as they help me set up The Good Person Test sign and sometime offer those who walk by the Million Dollar Gospel Tract. I offer these glow-sticks as a prize to those who pass by if they can prove to me they are a Good Person. They are very effective in attracting all kinds. After doing several tests to those whose belief went from not believing in any God to those who did believe in the God but NOT of the Christian Bible to those who claimed they accepted Jesus but didn't call themselves Christians.

 This couple came up to me after about an hour of giving many glow-sticks away to those who claimed they were good. age Once they admit what specific Laws they broke and show that are destined for Hell, I then give the saving Grace that can only come from Jesus' death and resurrection on the cross. I mention this first as this was why this couple came to talk to me, as the man stated he appreciated what I was saying as he had accepted Jesus and never heard it that way before. 
 She told me that he was a changed man because of Jesus, as he was a drinker and she told him she would not marry a man who gets drunk.  He smiled and stated that he accepted Jesus and he stopped drinking and he was now a changed man. He then made the comment that they don't go to Church or call themselves Christians. At first I thought they now had the truth but after hearing his last statement, I felt obligated to take him through the Commandments, to see if he really was saved, or just as many do think that Jesus was someone he just needed to accept.
Here is when I asked him if he thought he was a Good Person. He answered the questions quickly about him lying, stealing, swearing and lust in his heart, and stated he would be guilty like everyone else. (This is what they do, they like to place themselves in the same boat with all of mankind, so not be any different, and not really think themselves guilty)  But because he changed, he would be okay with God.
That’s when I was able to tell him that there’s only one way anyone can get into Heaven. That is to REPENT  and TRUST in Jesus Christ alone, not just because he stopped drinking, in other words him improving his life, but for what Jesus did for him and me on that cross. Jesus paid the fine for the crimes that he and I committed!
I explained what Eph.2:8-9, states it’s about Grace from God, not of works it’s a free gift, so that no one can boast. Both he and his wife now had a true picture of what it's like for one to be Born Again. They both thanked me as what they were now hearing made sense!  Praise the Lord for sending that couple to me so that the Lord could adopt another into the Kingdom (Eph.1:5)
Here are just 2 quotes from Charles Spurgeon on this subject:

Charles Spurgeon stated: Aim for repentance God doesn't want STILL BORNS!

 My Favorite: "I do not believe that any man can preach the gospel who does not preach Law.  The Law is the needle, and you cannot draw the silken tread of the gospel through a man's heart until you first send the Law to make way for it.

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