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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

180Movie Project

Today was the day that Ray Comfort from the Way  of The Master chose to have those who are laborers for the Lord go on the attack and confront 300 thousand college students across the USA, by offering them a free DVD, showing a comparison of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust of abortion in the USA. On the Campus of ASU 20 of us showed up to do our part by coming together to Glorify God by actively confronting the students, faculty, and janitors who passed us by. With all of us spread all over the campus, we were able to give away about 3000 of these DVDs.

 1828 Websters Dictionary states confrontation as: The act of bringing two persons into the presence of each other for examination and discovery of truth. In today's culture with worrying about not offending anyone, I wonder how many of you would apply that definition in your life?

One of our sowers David told us how a security guard told him that someone complained that they felt that the way it was being offered was to pushy. By this time we had been there for about 2 they probably new what the DVD contained and wanted to find a way to stop us from handing them out. The guard then told him that several of them were being stacked up on tables in the cafeteria. He was nice enough to ask David if he would like to have them and that he would get them for him.

When he came out of the cafeteria, with a pile of them in his hands, I noticed  David was busy sharing with someone else so,  I went  over to him to thank him for being so kind, going out of his way to help us.  

 I then asked if he would like one but he refused. I then said to him how would
 he know what they were complaining about if he himself hadn't seen what was on the DVD? Wouldn't it be wise for him to know? With that he responded, "good point,"  took one and said, " thank you" .
Now comes the part that only the Lord could have ordained!
All 20 of us gathered at the large fountain to see if all the DVDs had been given away.  

This section has a restaurant, music and tables that the students put up to display whatever they want.
I noticed a very young group of kids about 20 of them, probably from 10-13 years old , all wearing the same colored shirts, and a few middle aged guys wearing the same. I walked up to one man and asked if I could show his kids an illusion? 

That's when I showed them that I could make a coin appear from thin air. I told them not to believe it as it's a trick, an illusion and they should examine what they see, as their eyes could fool them. I told them it was a commemorative coin, with the Ten Commandments on one side and the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the other. With that statement they all shouted," can I have it! " This is not unusual, because 99% of the time I get a similar reaction. Think about it, another way of reaching the lost! Contact me and I'll teach you how to do it.

I gave it to the one who I thought was the most excited, as most of them raised their hands as well. I then asked if they knew the Commandments? Now there was silence.

That's when I asked for help from my team to come and record this, as I knew the Lord had brought me here to boldly speak about His Righteousness and Grace, and it would be through these children that I would have the platform at this campus to do just that! 


AL said...

It was awesome being a part of this outreach with you Tom!

Unknown said...

Thanks Al. Remember Jesus stated that when two or more are gathered in my name, He is in their midst. Well these last several years I can honestly say, I have been blessed to be with you!