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Also by using these innovative and acceptable tracts from "The Way of The Master", by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, you get the opportunity to get the Word of God into the hands of the lost.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sharing the Godsel of Jesus Christ on ASU campus

Today a bunch of us we went to ASU to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who may be lost.

Below are some of the team members.Jennifer, Jill, Al, Ann, and Jean all came out because they have recognized that just being a pew sitter is not what it means to a follower of Jesus Christ. Jesus' prayer for those who claim him as lord is that our Heavenly Father send out more laborers because the laborer's are few! (Luke 10:2)

Think how many times we are told to just pray to the Lord so that whatever our situation is He would help to improve it.(Our family relationships, finances, and physical well being) Yet how many of us are not willing to answer the Lord's prayer and do what he Commanded, by going out into the streets as He did to help those who are lost be saved? (Mark 16:15), (Acts 1:8)

Remember having a good relationship with others, income to support all your need, and physical well being, are pleasant, but it still means one day you will die, and what is their destiny if the whole truth hasn't been giving to them. So maybe the greatest prayer is a prayer that causes us to action. Maybe ask the Lord to give you the courage to go share with everyone you come in contact with, so that some may be saved. Read (Romans 10:15)

Below is Al’s written request to those who walk the campus. “Are you a Good Person?."
Al asking the question for all to see!
There were many other sower's as we had 2,000 Gospel Tracts to hand out and the fish were definitely biting. Besides handing them out, many of the students were curious about what the message was and many of us we were able to do what is called "One 2 Ones" !

Pray that our Heavenly Father desires to adopt these sheep who are lost, as they seem to follow the campus philosophy that God isn't real and we are fanatics. What should concern us is that if we just keep quiet, as this is what our culture has endeared to us to do, you know "whatever", we shouldn't be telling others what the truth is as long as they believe in something they are okay!

But what did Jesus tell us in Mat. 10 :34?  We need to be stirring up the pot because when people are complaisant they are not motivated to do anything.  Have you heard how you can boil a frog to death? When they are in the pot of water very slowly turn up the heat.

It seems we are the same, as long as I'm comfortable living my life my way I'm fine. So what would it take for you to be on Fire for the Lord, and boldly proclaim what a wonderful, gracious, everlasting gift you have received?   Read what Paul prayed for in: (Eph. 6:18-20)

One other comment, by sharing what the truth in the scriptures reveals to others we are called judgemental and that's not acceptable behavior. But can you help me with that one, because if someone claims that I'm being judgemental, then, aren't they being judgmental? 

Below tthis young man didn't get offended or stataed that I was judging him by asking him if he considered himself Good enough to get into Henven. After asking him how would he be found if he had to face God after he admitted to lying, stealing and having lust in his heart, he admitted he would have to be sent to Hell. This concerned him and after I explained what Jesus had done for him and that he needed to REPENT and place his trust in Jesus Chirst ALONE, for the forgiveness of his sins, he thanked me...WOW!!! praise the Lord for this divine intervention.
Getting his attention with the Red & Blue illusion cards

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