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Also by using these innovative and acceptable tracts from "The Way of The Master", by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, you get the opportunity to get the Word of God into the hands of the lost.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Way of the Master Seminar July 24th 2010

Today was a glorious day for the Lord as the truth of the Gospel was revealed to several of those who attended the Way of the Master seminar at Kineo Church in Phoenix AZ.

After watching the 2nd video in the series, of Ray Comfort explaining about True and False converts, one lady stood up and calmly stated, "This was the first time in all the years she has been a Christian that she clearly understood the difference between legalism  and a relationship with Jesus Christ. She had admitted that she rarely spoke to people she didn't know but know can see how easy it would be by using the Ice Breakers from this training and is now anxious to go out to seek and save the lost. (This lady is in her 70"s)

Another man stood up with a surprise in his voice and stated, "There're wrong! I have friends of mine from Churches who have told me that The Way of the Master principle of sharing the Gospel is wrong and shouldn't be accepted, but now that I have heard it for myself, I can clearly see that it presents the truth, the Word of God from the  Bible, and they are wrong in making that statement!"

Another lady stated that she wanted to be refreshed as she had attended one of the seminars about 3 years ago.

Then Joe told everyone that he had been to a couple in the last 6 months and still wanted to hear more. I guess the phrase, " Repetition is the mother of learning" has some truth in it"!

So after the training about half of those who attended came with us to Tempe. This, in fact is the agenda, to get as many people out into the streets to watch how easy it is using these principles, God's Commandments, printed on paper that you can offer to anyone who passes you by. (Luke 10:2)

The place we stop at is in front of the Post Office. Other sowers came down as well, as we were able to fill up the corner with these Saints who have a desire to reach the lost no matter what the cost. Al, who also teaches at the seminar, this time brought a 6' wooden cross, click to view it on his blog, with him that he made, with the words, "Are you Ready?" written on it.

Alan, Marcus, Joe, Leigh, David, Harry and of course my devoted wife Catherine, who helps me put these seminars on. (I thank God for her!)  We gathered together and prayed before turning our attention to those passing by. It was a quiet night very few passing by.

Because the first half hour seemed quiet, Catherine felt the need to pray for more people to accept our offerings of these Gospel Tracts, because the few who were passing by were not taking them. So she prayed that the Lord would send us people so we could hand out the Word of God using our Gospel Tracts. So the Lord was faithful in answering her pray, when several minutes later she noticed that more groups of people were coming by and more tracts were being accepted.

This was David's first time attending our seminar and  coming to Tempe. He was enamored with the magic light fingers that we use to toss back and forth to get the attention of those who are walking by. Several times groups will stop in wonder about us tossing the lights to each other and then we can explain how their eyes can fool them and what Jesus told them they should do if their eye causes them to sin. Now we have their attention and we can politely ask them about the rest of the Commandments that one day God will judge them by and how do they think they would do?

So now David is thinking about getting these magic light fingers for himself and then he too can look like a fool for Jesus! Would you do the same?

I thought I'd share a strange encounter with one large heavily tattooed man, as I have never been told this before.

I was offering free ice cold bottle of living water to anyone who could prove he was a Good Person. He took the challenge and I explained that I would use God's Ten Commandments as the bench mark for his goodness. After asking him if he ever lied, or stolen he responded with telling me he was Michael the Arch Angel, and that he could kill me right now if he wanted to.

At that moment, I have to tell you that I believed him, because of the look in his eyes and him leaning towards me. I can only attest my calmness through the Holy Spirit as I immediately responded with yes you could, but, you can only kill my body as my soul is already sealed with Jesus Christ in Heaven! (Mat 10:28)

He backed away mumbled something and I asked if he would like some ice cold living water? He said okay,  I asked if he wanted one for his girlfriend, he said, Yes",  I gave him another bottle.  Please pray for this "Arch Angel",  that the demons release Him and like Paul, he finds the truth in the Gospel of Jesus Christ who can save him for eternity.

Several hundred Gospel Tracts with God's Ten Commandments were handed out this night, so please pray that by His Grace many will understand why they need a Savior.

I just got this information today and felt compelled to share it with you.
This is a link to a video that shows police in Dearborn MI. on June 19th 2010 arresting Christians for sharing with Muslims. They were accused of provoking a riot but watch this video and let me know what you think. ( What is this county coming to?). Check this video out


Kevin C. said...

These seminars are really a great way to learn how to share the gospel that God has so graciously given us. My wife and I have attended a few of these seminars and have found them to be powerful times of study and a good fellowship with fellow believers. Tom has spent a lot of time and money to purchase all the resources (the DVDs, books, gospel tracts, and food [if you go with the group to witness afterward]) and it shows the value he sees in reaching out to lost people and in instructing the Christians that ought to reach the lost also.
We have gone out several times with Tom (and on our own) to pass out gospel tracts, witness to people, and provide instruction to fellow believers; it is true fulfillment of your calling.
Thanks, Tom, for conducting these seminars. Everyone who is serious in their relationship with God, but does not yet share their faith, really MUST go to this seminar.

Anonymous said...

Doug said: awesome Thom absolutely awesome. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AL said...

It was an interesting night. Later on, Michael "the archangel" stopped by again, asking for a positive word from the Bible and for prayer.

Alan quoted some Scripture to him and we prayed for him. He didn't claim to be an archangel this time, but thanked us and continued on his way. Please continue to keep him in prayer.